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Stimulate the BODY and cure the BRAIN




The functional neurology approach is open to any person wishing to improve :

  • his postural motor coordination (chronic lower back pain…)
  • his attention
  • his cognitive functions in general
  • his spatial bodily representation

But also and overall, to any person suffering from:

  • sequelae of stroke
  • dystonias and movement disorders (Parkinsonism, multiple sclerosis, writer's cramp…)
  • sequelae of traumatic brain injury and/or concussion
  • neck pain and/or sequelae of whipplash
  • fibromyalgia
  • persistent migraines and headaches
  • chronic neuralgia and postural instability
  • algoneurodystrophy


First visit Questionnaire

Preliminarily, you will have to fill out a questionnaire (a link will be sent by email), and to transmit it to the rehabilitation center in functional neurology (CRNF) a fortnight prior to the first visit. This questionnaire consists of determining your child’s medical history but also some eventual deficiencies. These deficiencies can be cognitive, behavioral, motor, digestive, etc.

After examining all the information requested, including your medical history, we will meet for a first time with your child. This first contact will allow us to determine whether a further investigation and an assessment & tests are required, and to specify these so-called tests. We will respond to any questions that may persiste.

This first appointment takes about 30 min.

Throughout the meeting, our practitioners will answer your enquiries and questions. After compiling the data, they will be able to explain the appropriate therapeutic approach.

Pre-visit questionnaire to be filled and return at least 15 days prior the first visit and the assessment.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Following the 1st visit, and with your agreement, we will undertake a comprehensive assessment of about 1h30 :

An INDIVIDUALIZED treatment protocole will therefore be proposed to your child. It is likely to be modified according to the evolution thereof.

Protocole and care process

 The treatment program consists of a series of

Beyond these stimulations, the program also includes an approach

Due to the kid’s growth pace, the earlier is a medical diagnostic, the more efficient and more valid is a diversified treatment of the different disorders.
An early intervention enables to lessen secondary symptoms and unusual behaviors.

The achievement of further investigations (EEG, MRI, electrophysiology, genetic tests…) should not delay the implementation of a treatment.