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Pre-frontal neural plasticity and chiropractic care

Dr. Haavik's study, which has just been published, shows the interest of chiropractic in neuroscience and the impact of spine and chiropractic control on brain activity, especially prefrontal activity.

This study highlights the fact that one can change the way the brain works through chiropractic work. The study is serious and interesting enough to highlight it. I'll let you read its summary.



In the world of sport, concussions are widespread. The subtle and invisible lesions they cause can affect the psychological health of victims, particularly in the case of successive concussions. A team of researchers from the Montreal Neurological Institute has been able to establish, through functional magnetic resonance, an astonishing relationship between concussions and depression.


For one week, a stand-up for automatic walking was lent to us.

This device (Innowalk) is particularly innovative and can re-train patients (kids or adults) to walk, which has a significant effect on the tone of their spine, but also the coordination of their lower limbs.

Idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents: a vestibular cause of the least central?

Neuroscience is evolving and tends to highlight the important role of the central nervous system in classical musculoskeletal pathologies.

The theory evoking as a possible cause an asymmetry of a vestibular canal is more and more recognized by scientists.
This recent article asks questions about a possible central cause to the problem of spinal growth in adolescents, "Lateral Semicircular Canal Asymmetry in Idiopathic Scoliosis: An Early Link between Biomechanical, Hormonal and Neurosensory Theories?"

We can compare with the research done by a chiropractor in Quebec (JP Pialasse) on sensory-motor integration in adolescents with so-called idiopathic scoliosis :

Neuroscience is evolving and tends to highlight the important role of the central nervous system in classical musculoskeletal pathologies.


The analysis of oculomotricity is a method increasingly used in the context of clinical research, for the exploration of diseases including neurological and psychiatric.

At the Neuro-Functional Rehabilitation Center, we use it in our current clinical practice. learn more

Neuro Fonctional Rehabilitation


Method and technologies

Rehabilitation involves effective stimulations. Some stimulations may be local, others are considered more central (brain). Associating different stimulations to inform the central nervous system, however, requires advanced technology and particular skills.

We are pleased to share them with you.