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Treatments in functional neurology


Testimony of Simon Merry, Dc, graduate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board

Testimony of the mother of a patient with autism spectrum disorder

I am the mother of a 21 year old girl (ASD) who has also had seizures for a few years.
I was very cautious when I arrived.
I was very quickly reassured: a great calm reigns in this center, everything is designed and studied so that the patients feel safe and comfortable:

  • the respect, the attentive listening, the encouragement, the necessary time granted, the absence of pressure are permanent;
  • activities are proposed with the concern that each one can realize them in the best conditions;
  • a very comfortable chair is given to each student between activities.

At the end of the first week of care, we noticed changes in our daughter:

  • she is cheerful, serene and fulfilled;
  • she stays with us and follows our conversations with interest (rather than isolating herself);
  • she rests: this is very surprising for us!
  • she is more patient, she was able to wait for 2 hours without any problem by being busy quietly... (it's the first time!).

It is still much too early to be able to analyze finely the changes in progress, but we feel them. They emerge in such a short period of time that we are a little unsettled to guess that our daughter is "different".
The techniques and activities, the very specialized material, everything is impressive!
But it is the confidence that the whole team inspires in us, their presence and their empathy (beyond their remarkable efficiency) that touch our hearts and inspire us with great gratitude.
Thank you!
Marie A.

Testimony of a patient suffering from secondary parkinsonian disorders

Testimony from a patient with brachial dystonia

Testimony of a patient with Charcot's disease

Testimony of a stroke patient

Testimony of a patient who suffered a head trauma

Testimony of a patient who suffered a concussion following a road accident

Sequelae of cranial trauma

Testimony of a family of which a member experienced a CT several years before.


Our daughter Laura is 26 years old; she was the victim of a car accident 15 years ago (she was 11 years old at the time).
She suffered a very significant head trauma with very serious consequences: no more immediate memory, no balance, lack of coordination of the limbs, poor eyesight, trembling of the right limbs and great violence.
During all these years, we tried several methods: Doman method (lightened), Biofeedback (in Miami), Neurofeedback and daily stimulation.

We came to know that in St-Malo, there was a new method that came "also" from the USA (Atlanta).

Laura was taken care of for 10 half days in August 2016 by the entire Brain-Moove team.
From the first week, it seemed to us that Laura was starting to be calmer. This was confirmed later.

To our delight, we now have a very calm girl, who has more empathy for others (especially her parents and brother).
She takes more personal initiatives, like ordering a dish herself in a restaurant, ...
She gives more her personal opinion, shares her desires with us...
She is able to watch TV and follow a show.
She can do alone games that require a little thought and that require the use of sight and hands (example: the solitaire...).
Her right arm tremors are slightly minor and she uses it more easily and more often. She has a more applied gesture to reach out to someone and shake his hand.
We have found the kindness of our daughter from before the accident. That is priceless.

Thank you Raphaël and your team for what you do.
Living with Laura is once again a real pleasure.

A grateful family.

November 2016

Testimony of a patient with hypokinetic parkinsonian symptoms

The protocol for this type of symptom is generally based on 3 days of stimulation.


Thank you first of all for the help given. Indeed, I see in my husband more autonomy to get up from a chair for example, an improvement in standing during the day, a much more relaxed face focusing more on reading and taking an interest in daily life as well as more restful nights (restful sleep).



Testimony of a family having a child with PDD as a cure at the Chiropractic Neuro-Functional Rehabilitation Center.

Our 11-year-old son suffers from pervasive developmental disorders. This is mainly characterized by violent crises (towards himself and/or others) when he is confronted with a stressful and distressing situation (noise, crowd, movement), by anger when he confronts himself with frustration. He always wears the same type of clothes (tracksuits, shorts with an elastic belt).

He underwent for 5 days (from 20 to 24 April 2015) a cure in functional chiropractic neurology with Mr. Raphaël Royer in his center in Saint-Malo.

In the weeks following this cure, we noticed significant changes in Flavien's behavior. He began to read spontaneously (before, it was a chore), to sing, his vocabulary was enriched and his speech rate became more fluid. He loves to go on the trampoline, his jumps and his figures are more and more precise. He even applauded a show, something that was inconceivable before. We can say that he feels better in his body. He flourishes.

We have set up at home, since May 4, with the participation of the association A.E.V.E. (Autism Hope towards School) the method of the 3i (Intensive Individual and Interactive). This method, based essentially on game (sensory in particular), also helps Flavien to grow. Its character changes, fits of anger are always present, but they are less long. It better manages certain situations.

These two complementary approaches help our son get better day by day and find his place.

Patient testimony M. G.

Neck pain and Balance problems

Testimony of Mr B. (Parkinson)

When Mr. Royer explained to me the basic principles of the cure he was proposing, I immediately joined the project. Indeed, after 18 years of Parkinson’s disease, I began to feel the limits of traditional treatments that are intended to eradicate the symptoms of the disease and that work well, but which consist in mitigating the dopamine deficiency by chemical compounds.

Dosages were now tending to increase very quickly to catch up with the disease. I had just adopted a new subcutaneous injection technique using a pump like for diabetics. Even if it avoids the pills, this technique remains identical in its approach to the previous ones.

On the other hand, the approach of M. Royer, which relies on university research in the United States (University of Atlanta), seemed to me really interesting and original, even if, in France this process is not yet developed. So I decided to adopt it.

At the end of a cure week, I noticed a very clear improvement of the posture, which was for me the most important. In the same way, the notion of rhythm, pace for walking helps me a lot today to fluidize my movements. I hope all this will last, maybe it will take a few sessions, "booster shots" later to crop.

I would like to commend the professionalism of the entire team, the knowledge that Mr Raphaël Royer has acquired in the United States and that he continues to enrich with a network of therapists who share their experiences, pledge of confidence and progress. I add that the atmosphere was warm even if patients were well affected.

I hope a lot for the future because with this approach a new therapy for Parkinson’s disease seems possible.

Testimony of a child with concentration problems

After a few days of treatment, changes in this behavior have been observed and continue to persist.

Testimony of a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease

Testimony of a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease, after a few days at the Center for Neuro-Functional Chiropractic Rehabilitation of Saint-Malo. Although the disease has long been established, there are still possibilities for improving functional disorders (balance, coordination, initiation of movement, obstacle clearance, etc.)

Guillaume LATENDRESSE, back on his concussion treatment by Gyrostim

Discussion with Guillaume LATENDRESSE about his treatment in functional neurology at the LIFE UNIVERSITY clinic, Atlanta by Dr. Ted Carrick for his concussion.



I am a 44-year-old woman, mother of two children of 13 and 10 years old. For sixteen years I hav been a medico-psychological assistant in a home for adults with epilepsy. My job is a daily care of all the acts of the daily life and a management of the post-crisis moments. My body was so painful that I quickly became incapacitated and dismissed. I have first class recognition today and have not gone back to work yet.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. A drug treatment was initiated and it must be recognized that the pains gradually faded and by period. Sleep is a big problem when you are suffering; the pains wake you up at night, leading to extreme fatigue and fatigability, up to the reversing of day and night.

My doctor had already referred me to Mrs. EONO to try to work in hypnotherapy. It took several meetings before I accepted this state of hypnosis. Then I heard about Raphael ROYER and what he was doing.

After a first contact where we did an assessment, he offered me to come for a week of treatment in St Malo. My general condition did not allow me to stay there all day so I went for only four mornings and three months later I returned for four more mornings. Mr ROYER manipulated me when I was under hypnosis, with this not insignificant advantage: the "NON-PAIN", I felt nothing. I saw the sessions because he had proposed to film them. The workshops last only 15 to 20 minutes and are in no way painful. If they are too tiring, they are stopped immediately. The rest time between each workshop is a convivial moment where you get to know each other a little bit. Every afternoon after treatment, I was exhausted and I slept every afternoon and every night. My sleep is back to normal and just that is huge. My body remains painful at times but with self-hypnosis I can manage these periods better.

I would like to thank Mr ROYER, Mrs EONO and Muriel for this better being which is offered to me.

Mal de Debarquement Syndrome

Testimony of a patient suffering from “Mal de Debarquement Syndrome” (MdDS). Rather rare symptom, not to be confused with "motion sickness". The protocols of the Chiropractic Care Center use Gyrostim Training Balance technology, and thus give hope to patients suffering from these symptoms.

1rst testimony: Just after the week of care.

-  "The week of care went well:
- At first the exercises tired me more, then later the sessions became less tiring. 
- I felt more imbalances and feelings of rotation but little by little they became less important over the days. 
- The last day of the cure I fell less tired. I have less sensation of sinking into the ground and I have more balance than before".

2nd testimony: 4 months after the treatment.

" Hello,
As you advised me, I give you some news since the last sessions:
- Less headaches
- Less imbalance
- Fatigue reduced by 50%...
There is a clear improvement in several symptoms but I am still tired, ..." 


Testimony of a patient (Miss WM) who had a concussion (otherwise called "mild craniocerebral trauma" or TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury)

I followed 4 days of treatment at the center for a concussion in January 2016, following a violent shock on the head in October 2015. Following this shock, I had headaches, difficulties to concentrate, a visual fatigue, sensitivity to noise and sound, and extreme fatigue. I turned to the center after seeing several doctors and caregivers (generalist, otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, osteopath, micro-physiotherapist) who did not really understand why all these symptoms persisted.

The center has been of great help to me. When I spoke with Raphael Royer over the phone for information, it was the first time anyone seemed to understand exactly what the concussion was and what was happening to me. I finally had answers to a lot of questions that I had been asking myself for 3 months. Raphaël Royer suggested me to do an assessment and according to it, a  course of treatment.

I was very touched by the welcome at the center. I was completely lost in the face of what was happening to me and everyone was very attentive. I also had a lot of answers to all my questions. The management is global and care is constantly adjusted according to the progress or fatigue of each one. I also found the approach very complementary and of great humanity: brain stimulation exercises, hypnosis, cardiac coherence, rest... I really felt accompanied during these 4 days of care and follow-up continues beyond the course since Raphaël Royer, Muriel and Myriam gave me tips and exercises to do at home to continue to progress. This aspect is very important to me, I felt for the first time actress of my health! The headaches are gone, I can read and watch movies as much as I want and I have a lot less trouble concentrating. Thanks to the care of Raphael Royer, Muriel and Myriam, I felt much better, I finally saw that I was getting rid of it. They also opened a door to the exciting world of my brain! Thank you all for your help and attentive listening. MW.

Testimony of parents of Marie with autism and in a wheelchair

Marie is 33 years old, she is autistic. All her life, she has ben stimulated through various therapies.
We learned about the existence of the Brainmoove center and the benefits of the therapy that was developed there. We thought it could bring good things for our daughter and that is why Marie started the program in January 2019.
Very quickly, beneficial effects appeared: her behavior has changed, she has become calmer, more rested and she maintains herself better; she is also more attentive on a daily basis.
Our friends and the various therapists who follow Marie and know her well all agree that the positive changes are obvious, both in her behavior and attitude and physically.
The Brainmoove center brings real living comfort to Marie and we are very happy about it.